Finding Soulmate Love103 Correction
Are you ready to attract your soulmate love?
There are a few key steps that you can take to attract your soulmate love:

Step 1 – Love yourself
Before you can embark on finding romance or even real love, your “soulmate”, you must remember your own true origin and identity; you must do this no matter what negative thoughts and messages you received throughout your life. Finding your “soulmate” is about believing in your own self worth and value.

Remember that actions speak louder than words. So start thinking about how you are going to increase your feeling of self worth, by taking small steps to demonstrate how you love, care and respect yourself: Respect your body, enjoy eating healthy food, and most definitely say no to any drains on your time, emotions and energy, buy yourself a chocolate treat or flowers, pamper yourself with a spa day, and just like the main character, Tillie, in my novel “Soulmate” write a journal; don’t of course forget to smile more.

As you reclaim your true identity as a human being who is worthy of more happiness than you thought possible, your outer world will start reflecting this back to you with a smile and with relationships and situations that acknowledge, respect and support you; Although it might be hard to believe it your “soulmate” is really not that far away! This is the first step in attracting a heavenly and healthy romantic relationship.

Step 2 – Let go of your past
All the self-help books I have ever read say that you must be willing to let go and make peace with the past. When your heart carries toxic, heavy emotions, the space just isn’t there for it to overflow with love, and ultimately you are the one who suffers. So in addition to forgiving former lovers, partners, parents and even perhaps authority figures from your past, it is essential to forgive anyone you are still harbouring a grudge against, or any resentment or anger towards, especially any past romantic relationships.

As you let go of these overwhelming negative emotions you feel towards these people and replace them with a smile of kindness, forgiveness, compassion and hopefully good grace, you yourself will amazingly actually free yourself from the burden of carrying those heavy and unhappy emotions around with you like a monkey on your back. You suddenly will become more attractive to yourself and to others.

Once you have mastered the art of self-love and freed your heart from unwanted negative emotions you are now ready to attract the wonderful partner you deserve; your hearts desire …………your “Soulmate”.

Step 3 – Trust in destiny

Lastly in my novel “Soulmate” I ask …. “Was Pluto right do we only ever have one “soulmate”? Do we all go in search of our other half; the half that we believe is our “soulmate”? In order to find true love, your “soulmate” you must first trust that in truth all the love you seek is already within you, and that your “soulmate” is just one form of love that will come into your life with perfect timing when you least expect it to. Prepare yourself now. Learn from the ‘life lessons’ highlighted within my novel “Soulmate” and be ready to receive your true love when they come along……

Have you found your “Soulmate” yet?
Tillie found her soulmate love…. find out how by reading her story in “Soulmate”, a novel about love, lust, psychology and attracting soulmate love!