Walnut Whip
Yummy, sensual chocolate…..
So Easter is over for another year and for many who have eaten their body weight in chocolate they are already in mourning for the sweet sensual sensation of chocolate! Frankly there is nothing quite like chocolate because for most chocoholics chocolate screams “eat me, eat me”…..whilst subconsciously whispering sweet promises of its rich creamy taste, soft velvety texture and power to bring a smile to your face.

Is it any wonder that chocolate has become the go to gift whether for families, friends, business or lovers, for events and conferences and for sharing with those you live and network with. Chocolate is both the body’s enemy and for some the wonder drug of the 21st century. Chocolate even contains a compound closely related to the active ingredient in marijuana! Far from being just milk, sugar and cocoa, chocolate has over 300 compounds that can boost your mood, energy and libido.

Caffeine – the most popular psychoactive drug in the world. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system by affecting two chemicals called dopamine and adenosine. By increasing dopamine it stimulates our reward system, triggering the release of pleasurable chemicals and motivating us to repeat this activity again. By making the body less sensitive to adenosine, it speeds up neural activity and triggers the release of extra energy.

Endorphins – give us that feeling of euphoria or elation as well as reducing feelings of pain and stress.

Serotonin – known as an anti-depressant, Serotonin plays a big role in regulating your mood. Tryptophan (found in chocolate) is one of the chemicals triggering the release of Serotonin.

Flavonoids (an antioxidant) – claimed to help prevent cancers, protect blood vessels, promote cardiac health, and counteract high blood pressure. The highest concentrations are found in high cocoa content chocolate and raw cacao. Raw cacao in particular has many health benefits, containing vital vitamins and minerals including magnesium, calcium, vitamins E and B and essential healthy fats (oleic acid).

Phenylethylamine or PEA – promotes feelings of attraction, excitement and nervousness. PEA is also created in the brain and released when we are in love so it’s no wonder that chocolate has become synonymous with romance and being the way to a woman’s heart.

The sweet, sensual sensation of chocolate plays a part in “Soulmate” when the main character, Tillie shares a walnut whip with her lover. So at the end of the day chocolate, we’ve ended up at one of life’s biggest lessons; happiness is not so much in having as sharing, whether it’s with family, friends, or lovers; as Tillie discovered when she shared her walnut whip with her lover! We may experience pleasure from what we accumulate and consume, but we make our lives meaningful by what we give. ……..

Does your Soulmate want a walnut whip? Tilly’s soulmate wanted a walnut whip! Find out where and when by reading her story in “Soulmate”, a novel about love, lust and psychology!

“Soulmate” gets into the mind of Tillie as she details the highs and lows of life, when trying to find her “Soulmate” and all that this taught her. Lessons on false flattery, betrayal, injustice, deceit and the hardest lesson of all, the lesson of love; Was Pluto right do we only ever have one “Soulmate”?