Unconditional Love
Are you searching for unconditional love…..

There are five key principles to live by that can really help you unlock the key to finding unconditional soulmate love.

1. Make a fresh start – get the monkey off your back!
The first thing to remember when unlocking unconditional soulmate love in that your past does not equal your future. Just because you have not found love or perhaps have been hurt in the past, does not mean that you will be hurt again or that unconditional soulmate love will elude you.

Imagine carrying lots of monkey with you in a bag on your back, and as you go along, you collect more and more monkeys, how do you think you will feel if you continue to carry the monkeys? Most likely pretty tired! Even worse the monkeys will eventually turn into gorillas and then what!

What if someone came along emptied your bag of monkeys, and you were able to keep walking but this time, without any monkeys to carry! How would you feel then? Most probably much lighter; well the same is true for creating a fresh start, a fresh outlook on life.

2. Ditch misguided beliefs
In order to attract unconditional soulmate love you must ditch any misguided beliefs you hold and change them. Our beliefs can either spurn us forward towards our soulmate love or hold us back. Whatever you believe is what you will attract. The key thing here is to identify what beliefs you are holding about people and question them.

For example one way to check this out is to fill in the blank, “I don’t trust people because___________” and see what you come up with. You may have just one simple answer or you may have a whole list of things as to why you don’t trust people! Either way it will be very telling as to what reasons you have as to why you don’t trust others.

If the reasons that you don’t trust other people are spurious, then you will need to change those unconscious misguided beliefs. Once you change any inappropriate beliefs, you will start attracting more people you can trust and ultimately somebody that loves and trusts you back.

3. Trust yourself – trust your gut instinct
On the theme of trust this is really the key to it all, the central core. When we say we don’t trust others, it is usually because we don’t trust ourselves. This generally happens if you have been hurt in the past and therefore find it hard to trust others, as well as your own judgement. Unfortunately if you keep up with this pattern of mistrust, it will result in you not trusting yourself to recognise when someone that is good for you comes along.

You cannot expect others to trust you if you don’t trust yourself! Not having trust in your own judgement may have come from thinking that you have been proven wrong many times in the past…..haven’t we all. If you keep distrusting yourself however you will keep going around in ever decreasing circles.

To break this cycle, write down a list of 20 to 30 good decisions that you have made in the past based on your trust – your own judgement, your gut instinct. This will allow you to see that you can indeed trust your own decision-making.

4. Have a clear vision of what you want
It sounds obvious and that is because it is, but it is important to know exactly what type of person you want to be with and more importantly to note how you want them to make you feel. Write a list of how you wish them to make you feel. By doing this you will know when you have met them. No-one ever forgets how you make them feel, which is why this is a very powerful exercise.

5. Create vision of yourself.
Once you are clear on what you want from your soulmate, create a vision for yourself. It is said that your unconscious mind can only see pictures and whatever your unconscious sees, it believes! This is why sports men and women visualize themselves crossing the finish line in first place.
Inspiring yourself is essential to overcoming distrust. You new-found belief and vision will complement your ability to attract someone you can trust. The law of attraction, in this case to attract your soulmate, will only happen if your inner world changes and when you know exactly what you are looking for.

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