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Is the traditional book dead?
With the arrival and increased use of Kindles, Nook readers and ipads many argue that traditional books are dead; some people however still like the look and feel of a paper book. Whatever your preference there can be no doubt that electronic books have features that paper books don’t.

Read in sunlight and enlarge the text!
With an electronic book you can see the screen clearly even in sunlight as well as being able to enlarge the print on the screen or plug in earphones and ‘listen’ to a book, which is great if relaxing, travelling or when on holiday. This ability to be able to enlarge the typeface is also a valuable factor for the visually impaired and for the more mature generation who sometimes prefer larger font size.

Listen to your e-book!
Plug in earphones and ‘listen’ to a book is another valuable factor specially if the reader is a little hard of hearing or perhaps they just want to close their eyes and be entertained.

13 good reasons why you should read more
Reading undoubtedly will help make you smarter! But there are other factors about reading which are also good for you; whether you read an electronic or paper book. Here are 10 good reasons why you should read more.

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1. Reading expands your vocabulary
When reading literature of different genres, it is likely that you will encounter words you don’t usually use in your regular every day conversations. The beauty of this is that there is no need to search for a definition of every single word you don’t know because in most cases your brain will automatically tell you what the word means in the context of the piece. Reading not only helps expand your vocabulary, but also improves your literacy.

2. Reading fights stress
Nowadays, fighting stress is a big concern for many people. Even though you may be manically busy at home or at work reading can help de-stress you. That is because the richness and rhythm of the language soothe the psyche and rids the body of stress. Apparently reading science fiction before bed is particularly helpful.

3. Reading develops thinking processes
When we read, we have more thinking processes going on; this helps to comprehend the ideas of the book and as a result reading helps the brain organize data.

4. Reading develops cognitive abilities
The positive effect of reading on our cognition, which are the ability to reasons and acquire knowledge through reading; also intuition and perception is another of its key advantages.

5. Reading protects against brain disorders
We are often told to keep active as we get older, both physically and mentally. According to the latest research, reading does indeed protect against brain disorders; that is because when we read, our brain activity improves.

6. Reading gives you confidence
Books not only relax us and keep us alert, but they also make us more confident in our own aptitude and knowledge. When we demonstrate deeper knowledge of a topic in a conversation, we automatically start behaving more confidently. In addition recognition of your intellectual capabilities by other people has a positive effect on our self-esteem too.

7. Reading makes us more creative
Creative people generate several great ideas at the same time. Where do they find their foundation for these ideas….. In the books! When you read, we discover lots of ideas, some of which we can use at work or in your own lives.

8. Reading makes us explore ideas
When you read, we discover lots of ideas…..Some of which we can explore and develop; ideas that perhaps  we can use at work or in your private lives

9. Reading improves sleep
The people, who make it a habit to read before they go to bed, find that their bodies soon gets used to it. Reading will become a signal for your body, it will automatically know about the forthcoming sleep. Not only will you have a good night’s sleep, but you will also feel positive and cheerful in the morning.

10. Reading improves brain function
When reading, we imagine many details – characters, their clothes, scenery, objects and plots. We also need to keep in mind many facts in order to understand the book as a whole; therefore by reading we are training our memory and logic.

11. Reading improves concentration
When reading we need to focus on the content of the book in order to comprehend what is going on as we turn each page, without cheating or jumping ahead to the next chapter. This skill is very useful in your other activities in life, whether at home or at work; because without realizing it reading also helps develop objectivity and reasonable decision-making.

12. Reading helps us to be aspirational
Reading provides insights into how others live their lives and do things; it also provides fantasy and escapism. For many without the fantasy and escapism of books there is no aspiration or desire to try and do things differently. All management books, self help books and the like are based on the readers desire to be “aspirational” in their lives or roles…..and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

13. Reading helps us learn
Learning helps us keep up to date, to keep alert we should learn something new… everyday because reading helps you grow as a person. There is so much to learn… facts or information – there is so much to learn in life.

Reading makes you ‘smart’……..Reading teaches us about life
So what “aspirational” book are you reading today?  Be ‘smart’ and download a copy of ‘Soulmate’ from Amazon today to learn about these valuable ‘life lessons’
• Deceit
• Betrayal
 Love vs. lust
 False flattery
 Givers and takers

Learn more
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Happy ending?
Within the novel the main characters (Tillie Anton and Robbie Hardcastle) learned  many of life lessons – but the question is did they really use these learning’s wisely. ….Was it a happy ending?

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