Masculine Feminine

Masculine man or feminine woman?
If you regard yourself as a masculine man you may have asked yourself what type of woman you are attracted to.  Or if you are a women and have ever dreamed of being with a man, who is powerful and strong, the one that you can count on to move mountains for you, maybe even bring the world to your feet… then read on… this is not a myth, or an impossible dream… men are naturally wired to bring us what we need… if only we let them and get out of the way in order for them to do so!


Masculine energy
The Western world has evolved through a rapid socio-economic growth since WWII, and in the past 70 years we have witnessed the masculinization of women along with the feminization of men. Masculine energy is required for us to make decisions, execute plans and follow through on commitments; it is the energy that is purposeful and direct.  Often expressed through aggression, something we call ambition in the business world, masculine energy is responsible for results, and it grows through challenge.

Women face challenges
As women face and overcome more and more challenges, they grow more confident in their ability to make decisions, produce results, set goals and achieve success, which naturally results in getting stronger in the masculine essence. That is all great and very much needed in today’s society in order to succeed, or even survive. However….

Masculine mode
Women who spend most of their time in a “masculine mode” tend to be go-getters, more independent, build a strong back-bone and, in general, are considered “successful” in the masculine-oriented Western world.  The challenge for women is that as they focus all of their time and energy on growing stronger in a masculine way… they often unconsciously weaken their relationship with their natural Feminine side, which is at the essence of each and every woman.

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The wrong feminine side
What’s even worse, we make our ‘feminine side’ wrong, and we pride ourselves in being tough and insensitive, we pretend that we are fine and we don’t need a family, or even a relationship with a man, we get busy… but for many women ( not all) deep inside, there is an empty space and a deep longing for intimacy and love… a voice that we try to shut out, as we bury ourselves with various outside interests and work… and ultimately, yes…. success!

Why it’s hard to meet your Soulmate
Why is it so hard for successful independent women to meet strong powerful men… or even fall in love? Well, the answer may surprise you, and maybe even bother you a bit, but chances are that your “success” is getting in the way of attracting the kind of men that you want.

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Obliged to develop your masculine side?
Within the novel ‘Soulmate’ a story of love, lust, deceit, betrayal, false flattery, psychology, attempted murder and intrigue, the main character Tillie Anton was a career focused women who felt obliged to develop her ‘masculine mode’.

Read how this impacted on her relationship with her partner, Robbie Hardcastle a man who was loving, caring and sharing and wanted to protect her. Did her less feminine approach make him feel less masculine? ……Was it a happy ending? Find out by downloading your copy of ‘Soulmate’ today.