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Hi – I wrote my novel “Soulmate” for three reasons:
(1) I appeared to be a ‘mother confessor’ to most of my girl friends and discovered that under their outward bravado that they wanted to find a ‘soulmate’….and I wanted capture the similarities of their love lives.

(2) More interestingly they all, without exception talked about the lessons that they had learnt, about themselves, their friends and their lovers during their search for their ‘Soulmate’.

(3) I wanted to share with other women the lessons and experiences that my friends had learnt, to let women of the world know that they weren’t alone with their crazy mixed up feelings when searching for their one true love, their ‘soulmate’.

And there you have it the backdrop to my first chick-lit novel, which focuses on love, lust and psychology!

My “Soulmate” blog is about the lessons I learnt through writing their stories……..I hope you enjoy each life lesson………