Soulmate Book Front-Cover
Tillie Anton decides to write a journal of her life experiences, and all that she has learnt from them; the book starts and ends, (some twenty years later), with her opening her secret journal and reflecting on her life’s journey and the lessons that it has taught her.

Her journey begins when thirty-something Tillie discovers her husband having an affair and her world falls apart – but not for long. Working as a part-time waitress she meets and falls hopelessly in love with the restaurant owners’ son, Robbie Hardcastle. Robbie is five years younger than Tillie, single, handsome, but unable to commit, both are totally besotted with each other. They embark on a passionate and highly intimate affair, not knowing if the age gap will impact on either on them as they get older.

Tillie’s career as a Management Executive takes off but their relationship is soon put to the test when Tillie becomes pregnant. Robbie is unsure if he wants children, claiming that he is happy to share Tillie’s two daughters. The decision as to whether to keep the baby is agonizing – a decision that haunts them both for the rest of their lives.

When Tillie’s half sisters are arrested on suspicion of murdering her mother she finally realizes that life is too short and her priorities change. The experience is both raw and real, and leaves her trusting no one, apart from Robbie and her work colleague Heather. The murder investigation lasts nearly a year and when the results of the inquest and the decision of The Crown Prosecution Service are finally known it rips the family apart.

Now forty plus and a successful businesswoman in her own right Tillie gets distracted by the charming and dapper Henry Chapel, a high-flying business mogul. Henry arrives with a string of affairs under his belt and some unusual and devious friends within ‘The Tremeyne Trust’. Henry chases Tillie hard and Robbie bites back. She realises that one of them is her destiny, her one true “Soulmate”, but which one is it?

The discovery of some pornographic photographs is too much for Tillie to comprehend. This almost unbelievable discovery and the ramifications it brings her, to her life and career, forces Tillie to make a life changing decision. A decision that will leave her past behind her, but will it be possible for her to take her one true “Soulmate” with her?

At the end of the story Tillie has done what she needed to do. To read her journal reliving her life and the lessons that it has taught her. Numerous life lessons from false flattery, betrayal, injustice and deceit. Life’s lessons, of spiritual awareness, and the hardest lesson of all, the lesson of love. These lessons had taken her so long to learn; as her journal reveals, a lifetime in fact. She now believes that Plato was indeed right in that each person is only assigned one true love, one Soulmate. Did Tillie manage to find hers?